Temperature and frost alerts

Frozen pipes cause water damage costing untold sums each year. Keep the ice away with frost alerts and full control over the cabin heating.

Having running water in your cabin gives you a few extra things to remember. Leaving water in the pipes might cause them to freeze and burst. When the ice melts, this may cause significant damage. Since you’re often not there, the water might keep flowing for a long time. Floors, carpets, furniture and electrical appliances may all have to be replaced.

Protect your pipes with a temperature sensor

One way to make sure your pipes won’t freeze is to use a DEFA Cabin Control system with a  temperature sensor. A temperature sensor allows you to monitor the exact temperature both inside and outside your cabin. SINTEF Byggforsk recommends that you keep the temperature above 10 degrees at all times. DEFA Cabin Control also makes it possible to get alerts when the outside temperature drops so that you can adjust the heating.

The DEFA app can alert you if there's frost


Maintaining control over the temperature in your cabin is the most important thing you can do to prevent damage. But there are several other things you can do to reduce risk. Insurance companies and Sintef Byggforsk advice that you do the following things:

  • Close the main stopcock valve and drain the remaining water from the pipes.
  • Always leave a little heat on in the cabin. The temperature shouldn’t sink below 10 degrees. Any less and your insurance company might cut your compensation in the event of frost damage.
  • If below zero temperatures are on the way, you should put antifreeze in the sink traps, in drains, and in toilet bowls to keep them from being broken.
  • Agree with neighboring to keep an eye on each other’s cabins.
  • Pay attention to the weather reports for the area where your cabin is located. If the temperature is about to drop, it might be a good idea to increase the temperature in your cabin.