How to control floor heating

Bare feet on a parquet floor. Control floor heating with DEFA Cabin Control

Floor heating warms feet of all sizes and distributes the heat efficiently. Heat your floors before you arrive to receive a warm welcome.

Floor heating distributes the heat evenly throughout the interior of your cabin and makes your cabin a more comfortable place be. However, if you turn the heating down between visits, getting it back up to comfort temperature takes a long time. DEFA Cabin Control lets you control floor heating with your mobile phone, so the cabin can be warm and pleasant when you arrive.

Controlling your floor heating through the fuse box:

If you’re building a new cabin, you can connect your floor heating directly to your fuse box and control it through a relay. A temperature sensor placed in each room can function as a thermostat. A contactor can be used for rooms that require a 2-poled breaker switch. This allows you to control your heating from the DEFA app or our website

External control of thermostats:

Most thermostats have ports that allow for external control. Some thermostats can also be programmed for the desired conservation temperature. With a relay in the fuse box, you can adjust the heat through the DEFA app or our website.

Set this up by using Base Unit PRO with a radio module.

The DEFA link app interface displayed in two Smartphone screens

The DEFA app gives you full control over the heating in your cabin.

 Wireless thermostat (NOBØ TRB 36 700)

If you can’t connect a thermostat to your fuse box directly, a wireless thermostat is a good alternative. Our central units communicate with NOBØ’s wireless floor thermostat TRB 36 700. This can be programmed to hold the desired conservation and comfort temperatures. You can switch between these settings in the app or on the website. The solution requires that the zone is set to thermostat mode.

A wireless thermostat can be controlled through Base Unit PRO with a Radio module.