Relay DIN

Expansion for Base Unit DIY

Relay DIN lets you add three relays for cabled control to your Base Unit DIY.

Item no: 900106E-number: 6404009


Relay DIN is a 230V wireless relay expansion designed for installation in fuse boxes. It utilizes three potential-free 16A relays, each of which can be connected to a designated zone (1-6) or function (A, W, S) on a Base Unit DIY.

Relay DIN can be used in the same way as a Socket. If the zone is set to switch mode, the relay will turn the power on and off. In thermostat mode, the relay will operate based on temperature readings from the wireless temperature sensor designated to the corresponding zone.

Potential applications for use are underfloor heating cables, hot water tanks, lighting, etc.

A certified installer must install the Relay DIN.