Power outage alerts

An old fashioned light bulb up close

A power outage can cause frozen pipes or ruin the contents of your fridge and freezer. Power outage alerts help you prevent it.

Half of all power outages in Norway are caused by natural factors such as lightning strikes, snow, or fallen trees. The power grid is usually more vulnerable to lengthy outages in remote areas where conditions are rougher and repair personnel further away. Many hours may pass before the power is back. In that time temperatures might drop significantly inside the cabin and cause the water inside pipes to freeze. A DEFA Cabin Control system has power outage alerts that ensure that you receive a warning your phone if power is lost in your cabin. You’ll also be able to monitor the temperature while the power is out.

Fridges and freezers

There is some disagreement on what you should do with your refrigerator and freezer while you are away. If you’re not coming back for a while, it might be best to empty and unplug them. This ensures that you won’t be met with the stench of rotting food on your next visit. If the temperature in your cabin drops too low, however, your appliances may be damaged. Fridges and freezers are not designed to handle ambient temperatures below 10 degrees.

Drains and outflow pipes

In a power failure, a temperature drop of one degree per hour is to be expected when the outside temperature is 10 degrees below.

Water running from a kitchen faucet

One necessary precaution is to close the main stopcock valve and to drain any remaining water from the pipes. You can also install a pressurized air valve and expel any remaining water with a compressor.

To avoid damage to toilets and outflow pipes, pour in antifreeze before leaving. Many cabins have a hot water tank. This should also be emptied. This is not advisable if you have a water heater, since draining it of water may harm the heating element.