Bluetooth® Hub

Bluetooth® upgrade unit

Control your electrical preheating system via your mobile phone! The Bluetooth® Hub is sold separately as an upgrade to existing systems.

Art. nr: 440051


The Bluetooth® Hub is sold separately as a control management system for cars that already have a DEFA WarmUp system of ComfortKit installed.

Bluetooth® control functionality:

• Pre-set what time(s) of day the car should be heated.
• Pre-set heating durations
• Direkte PÅ/AV Turn heating On/Off
• Monitor Battery status
• Monitor the temperature outside the car
• Be alerted if you have forgotten to unplug the cable before starting the vehicle.

Requires Bluetooth® Low Energy which is supported by most newer phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer.

Technical description

Power cable with fuse (Item no: 418105) must is also required when:
– Upgrading an existing car heating system without a control unit.
– Installing Bluetooth® Hub and relay in a vehicle.

The DEFA app requires Bluetooth® Smart to work. To see which versions of iOS/Android are currently supported, please refer to the App Store/Google Play Store.