WarmUp Bluetooth® Upgrade

Upgrade to Bluetooth® control

Control your electrical preheating system and control it through your phone!

Art. nr: 440052


The WarmUp Bluetooth upgrade lets you operate your existing DEFA system via Bluetooth and the DEFA app DEFA app on your phone.

In the DEFA app, you can set you usual departure times and have your car warmed up in time every morning, turn the system on and off, and monitor the battery status


  • Control your system within Bluetooth range (in or near the car).*
  • Preset heating for two daily departure times
  • Monitor outside temperature**
  • Monitor battery status**
  • Receive an alert if the cable is connected when the vehicle is started**
* Range may be affected by walls and terrain.
** Within Bluetooth range

WarmUp Bluetooth Upgrade does not require a subscription. Requires Bluetooth Low Energy supported in Bluetooth 4.0 or later. The DEFA app is available for Android and iOS.