DEFA InverterKit 1500W/12V, consisting of an inverter, a double power outlet, a coiled extension cable, and a remote control panel

InverterKit 1500W/12V

Inverter, cable & outlet

DEFA inverter kits consist of the inverter, a 2m extension cable, and a double power outlet. It can easily be expanded via the DEFA PlugIn system.

Art. nr: 704073


An inverter will give you access to 230VAC from 12/24V battery groups. DEFA inverters deliver pure sinus and are ideal for supplying power to laptops, TV’s, sound systems, etc.

All models have a built-in “Power Save Mode,” which keeps the power consumption from the battery at a minimum when the inverter is in use without a load.

Inverters require sufficient battery capacity, as the power consumption battery will be significant.

All inverters can be operated from a remote panel switch (accessory – not included).