GPS Link

GPS unit for Link

The GPS Link unit enables GPS tracking of your car. If your car is moved, you will receive alerts in your DEFA Link app.

Art. nr: 440037


The DEFA GPS Link unit is part of the WarmUp GPS Link and Finder Link systems. Along with the Link Hub (440030) and the DEFA Link app on your phone, it enables your to receive security alerts if your car should be moved or stolen. It also enables you to locate your car and to forward the coordinates to the police and your insurance company.

The GPS Link unit is necessary to use the following services:

Locate your car on a map and share the coordinates.

Receive alerts if your car is stolen or moved.

Speed alert
Keep your children from speeding. Set a maximum allowed speed and receive alerts if it’s exceeded

Technical description

The system is currently available in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark

Link for iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge.

Link for Android can be downloaded from  Google Play free of charge.

To see which versions of iOS/Android are currently supported, please refer to the App Store/Google Play Store.

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