ChargerKit 1205 Flex

Onboard charger kit

A compact charger kit with flexible cables, an adjustable bracket and the DEFA PlugIn system which makes it easy to install. It is designed for modern batteries

Item no: 450034


ChargerKit 1205 Flex is a compact charger kit designed for modern battery technology. More compact than similar chargers, the DEFA PlugIn system, flexible cables, and an adjustable bracket that is easy to install, even with minimal space.

MultiCharger 1205 Flex replaces MultiCharger 1204. Compared to its predecessor it has 25% more power and takes 48% less space.

Regular charging ensures that the battery is always fully charged and able to start your vehicle. It also reduces fuel consumption and extends the life expectancy of the battery.

The MultiCharger 1205 Flex kit can be used to charge all open or closed types of 12V lead/acid inclusive AGM and GEL batteries.


  • Easily installed – compact, PlugIn connections,  flexible cables, and an adjustable bracket.
  • Modern switch-mode technology preserves your battery and allows the charger to be permanently connected.
  • Temperature-compensated charging ensures optimal charging in all conditions.
  • LED indicator allows you to monitor charging status.
  • If the battery experiences sufficient load during trickle charging to drop the voltage below 13V, the charger automatically switches to full-power mode (quick charge).
  • Short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection.
  • 230V recognition prevents the relay from staying on and discharging the battery when the charger is not in use.
  • The Relay-controlled outputs for the engine and interior heaters can be activated with a time-program control unit (external signal).
  • Will not damage the vehicle’s sensitive electronic systems.
  • Prevents battery degradation (sulfating) and extends the lifetime of the battery.
  • It contributes to reducing harmful emissions.
  • Splashproof (IP 65)

ChargerKit 1205 Flex in 24V systems:

In a 24V system, two 1205 Flex chargers are used simultaneously, one for each battery. The best way to charge a 24V system is to charge each 12V battery separately.

Why use a charger:

Comfort functions like defrosters and seat heaters require a lot of power. Modern cars also depend on advanced electronics that increase the load on the battery. A typical driving pattern will not keep the battery sufficiently charged over time. Routine charging is necessary to prevent the battery from becoming discharged and degraded.

Technical description

DEFA AS conforms to the requirements of both ISO 9001- 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. In addition, our engine heaters and cables conform to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2002.