The world's most user friendly battery charger

SmartCharge is designed to make professional charging simple and safe for everyone. It has received the "Award for Design Excellence" and “Design for All” awards from the Norwegian Design Council.

Easy to use

SmartCharge only has one button. All you need to do is fasten the clamps on the battery, connect the charger to your outlet and press ‘On’. SmartCharge automatically provides optimal charging for your battery.

Complete safety

This is a charger that everyone can use. SmartCharge automatically detects whether the clamps have been mounted incorrectly and is fully secured against reverse polarity, sparks and short-circuiting.

Practical storage solutions

Now you don’t have to store your cables in a pile. SmartCharge has an integrated cable storage solution and a practical way to fasten the clamps when they are not in use. Bring SmartCharge with you wherever you go.

Built-in Powersupply

The Powersupply function helps you protect the settings in your car when you need to disconnect or change your battery. Powersupply produces 13,6V and is activated by pressing and holding the ‘On’ button for 5 seconds.

Handy accessories

SmartCharge accessories makes it even easier to monitor and charge your batteries. Accessories with ring terminals can be permanently mounted on your battery, so you don’t have to access the battery every time you need to charge it.

How it works