Convenient charging

Take full control of your home charging and find the best charge points for your car, no matter where you are. CloudCharge makes every day easier.

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Take control over your charging and consumption

If you have a home charger with an energy meter and an internet connection, CloudCharge makes it easy to stay in control of your consumption. You can also check the charging status and turn it on and off via the app.

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Make getting reimbursed for charging easy

Getting reimbursed for charging the company car is a hassle no more. Categorize your cars as Private or Company and get easy access to all the necessary documentation for all your charging sessions in you profile and by mail.

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Protect, share and rent out your charger

By adding your home charger and your RFID-tags, you can ensure that no one uses your charger while you’re away. You can easily share the charger with family and friends via the app. If you want, you can also make your charger available for the public and charge a fee per minute or kWh.

Get access to the the largest destination charger network in the Nordics

The CloudCharge app ensures that you’ll never have to wonder where to charge your car again. Download the app and create your profile to get access to the largest network of destination chargers in the Nordics and plan your next trip from start to finish. The map gives you a full overview of locations, prices, and status.

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Find the best charge points for your car

Not all charge points are the same. CloudCharge helps you find the shortest route to the charge points best suited for your car. The right capacity and price help you cut charging times, reduce costs and gain additional range.

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Pay for charging and document expenses while traveling

See all prices before you start charging and add your card to pay automatically via the app. By categorizing charging sessions as work or private, you can also easily document expenses for reimbursement. Receipts are available in your profile and can be forwarded by mail.

eRange IQ home EV charger

Use CloudCharge with eRange® IQ

eRange IQ gives you the fastest possible charging with built-in full dynamic load balancing and full control with an integrated energy meter and access control. By connecting IQ to the CloudCharge app, you view your consumption, provide and deny access and turn your charging on and off. Our charging stations are currently only available in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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Download and start charging today!

Download CloudCharge and register your information to get all the benefits of the app.

Available for iOS and Android

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Connect to your eRange IQ:

  • If your eRange IQ has not been connected to the internet by your installer, ask us for instructions.
  • Go to “My chargers” and add your IQ by scanning the QR code on the side of the station or by entering the serial number.
  • Enter the pin code – 1234.
  • Give the charging station a name.
  • Your charging station is now connected.