4 reasons for installing DEFA onboard battery charger

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Save time, save money, save the environment by ensuring that your battery is charged.

1. A prompt start in all weather conditions.

Getting to your vehicle on a cold morning and discovering that it won’t start because of a flat battery, is always upsetting. At -18°C, even a new battery can only perform at 40% of its original capacity. Cold weather also increases the resistance in the battery, reducing how efficiently the vehicle’s alternator can recharge it. Without the use of an Onboard Smart charger, the battery normally charges to only 60-80% of its capacity during winter.

Frequent use of comfort features such as heated seats, window defrosting, power tailgates, etc. are other factors that drain a lot of power from the battery. Along with the power needed for the increased number of electronic systems in modern vehicles, this leads to reduced battery life.

MultiCharger 1203X

Unlike what many car owners believe, a typical driving pattern is not enough to keep the battery sufficiently charged over time, especially in winter. At -10°C, you must drive an average of 7 kilometers before the battery even starts charging. Significant charging requires driving much longer distances.

By using DEFA 1203X onboard smart charger, you ensure that your battery has enough power to start your engine.

2. A good investment.

Having a flat battery results in unexpected high costs not only to replace the battery if out of warranty, but also in wasting time waiting to replace it. This might also make you miss a business appointment and/or an activity for your children. Flat batteries are by far the most frequent reason people require assistance.
A low battery level leads to warning lights being activated for the ABS, EPS, and other electrical systems even though nothing is wrong with these components. Usually, you must go to the dealership and pay good money to turn off the warning lights.

You can easily avoid these problems by keeping your battery charged. You will also extend the life expectancy of your battery, thereby saving you from having to buy a replacement too soon.

DEFA onboard smart charger is also an excellent way to maintain batteries for low mileage drivers such as snowbirds or those who have seasonal vehicles. Because of the advanced software, overcharging is prevented.

3. Protect your settings.

If your battery becomes completely drained, it can no longer supply any power to the car’s electrical system that usually causes it to reset all your settings and preferences. So, after you’ve finally gotten your vehicle started and driven around for a while, you’ll still have to spend time reprogramming your preferred radio stations, seat position, clock, Bluetooth phone connections, etc. By having a charger in your vehicle, you’ll never have to worry about that.

4. Reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

When your battery is not fully charged, the alternator must supply the power to run the vehicle’s electrical systems and to recharge the battery. To support the alternator the engine must work harder, using about 5-10 additional horsepower. This leads to using higher engine rpm resulting in increased fuel consumption, in turn, releasing greater emissions of NOx and carbon dioxide.

By using an onboard smart charger, you avoid these issues. The benefits will be most apparent in winter. Having a fully charged battery before you start driving is a good way to save money, save fuel and save the environment.

The positive effects of a battery charger are further improved when combined with an engine heater, interior heater, and control. A complete WarmUp system reduces fuel consumption and emissions compared to a cold start.

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