MultiCharger 1203X

Onboard battery charger

Charge your battery during the night and get a safe start and lower fuel consumption. It's primarily intended for private cars and small vans.

Item no: 418991


Modern electrical systems and comfort functions like defrosters and seat heaters require a lot of power from the battery. Contrary to what many believe, a standard driving pattern is not enough to sufficiently recharge the battery. Routine charging is necessary to prevent the battery from becoming discharged and degraded.

MultiCharger 1203X is a powerful and compact onboard battery charger designed for modern 12V battery technology (no Li-Ion). The optimized and temperature compensated charging curve offers a protects battery performance and improves life expectancy. It has an automatic boost mode up to 5A/14.7V. The design provides high-quality resistance to water and dust intrusion.

The MultiCharger is also a part of the WarmUp electrical preheating system and has an internal relay function designed to control the engine and interior heaters.

Features – MultiCharger 1203X:

  • Modern switch-mode technology preserves your battery and allows the charger to be permanently connected.
  • Temperature-compensated charging ensures that your battery is charged in all conditions.
  • LED indicator for charging mode and quick charging mode (green and red).
  • If the battery experiences sufficient load during trickle charging and drops the voltage below 13V, the charger automatically switches to full power mode (quick charge).
  • Short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection. These features require the installation of the fuse included with the charger.
  • 120V recognition prevents the relay from staying on and discharging the battery when the charger is not in use.
  • Two relay-controlled outputs that you can use to control engine and cabin heaters via a control unit.
  • Will not damage the vehicle’s electronic systems.
  • Compact dimensions make it easy to install.
  • Prevents battery degradation (sulfating) and extends the lifetime of the battery.
  • A fully charged battery contributes to reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
  • A waterproof socket ensures that you can use the charger almost everywhere.

MultiCharger 1203X is included in WarmUp Bluetooth and Futura assemblies.

Technical description

Rated output/power
Charging current
Operating temperature
High mode
Maintenance charging
IP rating
Cable cross section
3/12 A/V
-40°C / +40°C
> 14,4V
H/W/D: 104/83/58mm - 4.1/3.3/2.3in
EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1 EN 60335-1, EN 60 335-2-29