WarmUp 1200 Futura

With In-Car control unit

Program your departure times and get into a warm car with, less ice and snow on the windows and a fully charged battery. Every morning.

Item no: 472014


Help yourself to more comfort, convenience, and lower fuel expenses with a DEFA WarmUp system.


This kit includes a 1200W Termini™ interior heater, a MultiCharger 1203X fixed battery charger and the Futura control unit that helps you utilize your system in the best possible way. The kit can be connected to one of our engine heaters.

Note! Engine heaters are specifically developed for different engines and must be ordered separately. Ask your dealership about the right solution for your car.

WarmUp 1200 Futura – features and benefits:


Start your day in a better way with a warmed interior and less ice and snow on the windows.


Less snow, ice and fog on the windows help make you a safer driver.

Environmentally friendly

A heated engine and interior, along with a charged battery, may reduce harmful emissions by up to 71% for the first 20 minutes of driving on cold days.


A fully charged battery, heated engine and comfortable interior help reduce fuel consumption by up to 24% for the first 20 minutes of driving on cold days.

Less wear

Warm oil is a better lubricant and reduces the wear on your engine.

Quality and Design

The sleek Nordic design and trademarked connectors and armored cables provide the ideal combination of form an function.

Complete with the engine heater to improve heating performances, reduce wear, and save fuel during cold days. Cord set is required to function.

Technical description

DEFA AS conforms to the requirements of both ISO 9001- 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. In addition, our engine heaters and cables conform to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Input voltage Current Charging current Charging voltage Length
120V 15A (max) 3A 12V 2.6m/8.6ft Harness
120V 15A (max) 3A 12V 3.5m/11.4ft Harness