DEFA enters new agreements securing further worldwide expansion

Charger deals

Supplying battery chargers to European and Chinese networks

Following global agreement with a leading German car manufacturer, DEFA can once again announce major deals with partners in Europe and China. The deals secure distribution of showroom chargers and workshop chargers worldwide through dealerships and workshops. These agreements consolidate DEFA’s position as a leading supplier of professional charging solutions.

 Reaching major dealer network in China.

Since establishing a sales department in China in addition to a solid export team in the EU, DEFA has secured global presence including Asia and Australia. The latest deal is with a major Chinese distributor and covers marketing and sales of workshop chargers to professional workshops in China.

“The car industry is undergoing a rapid change and the need for new competence is increasing due to advanced technology and features in modern vehicles. To make the workshops more geared to meet this demand, the need for a professional and efficient workshop charger is growing’, says Ståle Kvitle, Vice President of Auto Industry in the DEFA Group.

ShowroomCharger deals with leading car manufacturers in Europe

Two major deals with leading car manufacturers satisfy the increasing demand for efficient, discreet and safe chargers that allow showroom vehicles to always have fully operational electronic systems.

“The showroom is the most important arena for any dealership”, says Ståle Kvitle, Vice President of Auto Industry in the DEFA Group. “Showing the vehicles in the best possible way will give customers the opportunity to fully experience everything each vehicle has to offer. Our charger range with a very high level of performance and a groundbreaking design is specifically developed for this purpose, and we’re extremely pleased that new car manufacturers have chosen to incorporate our products in their global sales network”.

These chargers are the latest addition to the growing range of chargers for workshops, showrooms as well as onboard chargers developed by DEFA with the latest charging technology. The professional chargers meet the increasing need for maintenance and charging of batteries in both EVs and traditional vehicles.