Workshop chargers

The best solution for charging and power supply

The WorkshopCharger is designed to give you the power, simplicity and flexibility that you need. It's a combined charger and a 13,7V Powersupply and has all the functionality you need.

Technology and performance

Our workshop charger uses Switch-Mode technology, and a temperature compensated charging cycle. It provides excellent efficiency, protects the vehicle’s electronics, and maintains the performance of the battery. It can also recondition degraded batteries with automatically controlled software.

Simplicity and flexibility

The WorkshopCharger has a simple interface and an intuitive display. Activate the Power supply function by holding the ‘ON’ button for 5 seconds. A rubber-coated hook lets you hang the charger on the vehicle while working, and you can store the coiled cable on the charger.

Security and reliability

WorkshopChargers are sturdy and durable. Full protection against sparks, short-circuiting and reverse polarity ensures excellent security. Compact design and low weight make them easy to handle.