DEFA at aapex 2022 in Las Vegas

DEFA presented the complete range of no idle charging and heating solutions, professional chargers and the newest EV charging innovation at aapex in Las Vegas in 2022.

About DEFA

DEFA is a family-owned Norwegian technology company established in 1946, with employees on three continents. For more than 75 years, we have evolved from a local family business to an international company. Our goal is to make people’s lives easier and more environmentally friendly by helping them use energy as efficiently as possible. Our products and services improve the way people charge and preheat their vehicles and light up their buildings or roads. We keep improving our offering by focusing on continuous improvement and innovation. Our most important principle is simplicity, and while it requires more of us, it brings more value to our customers. That’s how we’ve grown, and that’s how we’ll grow in the future, creating products and solutions that work for everyone, everywhere.


WarmUp – the no idle charging and heating solution

WarmUp is the market leading electrical preheating solution in Europe, developed and manufactured by DEFA, the Norwegian company that has connected cars to the electrical grid for more than 60 years. WarmUp is a modular system consisting of an engine heater, an interior heater, and a battery charger. Combined it improves comfort, convenience, and reliability while reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

EV – Innovation

Based on our experience as the leading manufacturer of EV charging solutions in the largest EV market per capita in the world, DEFA is excited to announce our entry into the North American market.
DEFA Power is a powerful and smart EV charger with an intuitive display combined with dynamic load balancing and programmability allowing you to charge during non-peak periods when power is less expensive.

Professional Grade Charger – Workshop efficiency and appearance

DEFA offers a full range of chargers for professionals in the automotive industry, all with the highest standard of efficiency and usability.
We will demonstrate our professional chargers that are currently distributed through OEMs and workshops worldwide.

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