Smoke detectors and fire safety

Fire safety is one of the first things any cabin owner should attend to. Protect what's important with connected smoke detectors and alerts.

Fire safety experts strongly recommend having several smoke detectors in your cabin. We advice that you have at least one smoke detector on each floor. Ideally, you should have smoke detectors in the kitchen, outside the bedroom and in the living room.

Once a detector goes of, it is important that the alarm can be heard in every room. The sound should be sufficiently loud to wake a sleeping person. In order to be sure that everyone present will be alerted, our smoke detectors are serially connected. This gives everyone the best possible chance of getting out in time. Fires spread quickly and minutes often make all the difference.

DEFA Base Unit Smoke is designed to be used with DEFA Base Unit DIY and Base Unit PRO with a Radiomodule. It can easily be integrated in your DEFA Home-system. The smoke detector provides extra security by automatically alerting you in the app, by SMS and per email. You will also be alerted if the batteries in your smoke detectors need to be replaced.