ShowroomCharger 32A

Professional charger

ShowroomCharger 32A keeps your vehicles fully charged and your showroom looking good. It is efficient, user friendly and discreet.

Art. nr: 707000


ShowroomCharger 32A represents the latest in professional charging. Modern switch-mode technology, galvanic separation and a 7 step charging curve optimizes battery performance and longevity. Detachable cables, a compact size and a discreet design makes it easy to place the ShowroomCharger underneath the vehicle you are charging, out of sight for your customers.


User friendly – one button solution and display
Very high efficiency – 95%
Optimal charging – 7 step charging curve
Upgradeable software – via separate USB port
Discreet design – Black anodized aluminum
Discreet placement – Detachable cables can be run through engine compartment
No sound – No fan
Safe – Spark and short circuit proof
No scratches or marks – Rubber feet and corners are available