Nobø Top panel heater

Panel heaters - 40cm height

Stylish and highly reliable panel heaters with venting at the top of the heater. Choose the heater effect that fits your room size.

Panel heater effect

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The most energy-efficient panel heater on the market

With the lowest stand-by power in the market (less than 0.5 watts) and unmatched thermostat technology, Nobø Top is one of the market’s most energy-efficient panel heaters. No other panel heaters on the market keep the temperature as accurate as Nobø Top.

Where other panel heaters are struggling to maintain stable temperatures, Nobø heaters can keep the desired indoor temperature regardless of the external conditions. The result is comfortable and economical heating, tailored to your needs.

Remote control your panel heater

By using the control plugs in the Nobø NCU-series, you can control your Nobø Top panel heater directly from your Base Unit PRO with a Radio Module. You must connect a control plug to your panel heater to enable the use of the heating function.

Choose the correct panel heater

Here is an overview of recommended panel heater effects, based on the size of the room. You should also consider the roof height and how well insulated the cabin is.

0 – 10 square meters: 250 – 500 W
10 – 14 square meters: 750 W
14 – 17 square meters: 1000 W
17 – 20 square meters: 1250 W
20 – 25 square meters: 1500 – 2000 W

Technical description

NTL4N 02
NTL4N 05
NTL4N 07
NTL4N 10
NTL4N 12
NTL4N 15
E-number Panel heater effect Panel heater width Height
5411130 250W 42,5 cm 40 cm
5411131 500W 52,5 cm 40 cm
5411132 750W 62,5 cm 40 cm
5411133 1000W 72,5 cm 40 cm
5411134 1250W 92,5 cm 40 cm
5411135 1500W 102,5 cm 40 cm