Base Unit DIY

Do-it-yourself control unit

Do-it-yourself control unit allows you full control over the heating and security in your cabin through your mobile phone. NB! Black version ships in week 50


Art. nr: 900100B



1990,00 kr


DEFA Base Unit DIY is the ideal “plug & play” solution for gaining full control over the heating and security in your cabin via mobile phone. It is simple to install and use, and can be expanded with additional wireless wall sockets, temperature sensors and alarm sensors. You will be alerted of any break in, sub zero temperatures and power outages so you can take appropriate action.

Main remote control functionality

  • Turning the electricity and heating in zones on or off
  • Switching between conservation and comfort temperatures
  • Switching between switch / thermostat / regulator modes for each zone
  • Altering temperature settings for each zone
  • Assigning rooms to zones
  • Monitoring the temperature in individual zones
  • Seeing up to date weather alerts for your area
  • Turning the security / burglar alarm functions on and off
  • Setting individual alert categories to on or off
  • Designating who will receive alerts from the system

Temperature control

DEFA Base Unit DIY lets you connect to and control heating elements in 6 separate rooms or zones. Wireless sockets are easily connected to Base Unit DIY and designated to a zone with the  zone selection wheel at the back of the Socket. Heating can either be controlled for each zone individually of for all zones simultaneously.

Control with a thermostat

You can control the temperature in each zone with the help of temperature sensors integrated in the central unit and in the wireless sockets.  If you want to control the heating in several zones, or if you want to be alerted in the event of sub-zero temperatures, you must also install a wireless temperature sensor. Base Unit DIY can monitor temperatures from up to seven temperature sensors.


Installing a burglar alarm with Base Unit DIY is easy. Our Magnet and Motion sensors ensures that you are alerted in event of an intruder, so that you may contact the police and your insurance company to limit the damage done.

The package consists of:

  • 1x Base Unit DIY control unit
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x Backup battery
  • 1x User manual

Technical description

E-number Colour
6404020 Black