DEFA Plot my drive

Automatic trip log for your mobile phone.

Plot my drive is an automatic trip log for your mobile phone. It requires no manual start and stop and gives you a daily timeline and easy access to all relevant documentation.
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Plot my drive

Automatic documentation of your driving on your phone

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Plot my drive – How it works

Your personal timeline

Your movements are automatically logged in your personal timeline. Plot my drive provides you with a detailed overview of your trips, including departure and arrival times, mileage, locations you’ve visited and how much time you’ve spent at each site. Toll passages are automatically registered.

Classify trips as work or private

Classify all trips as work or private by swiping right or left. Trips classified as private are only visible to you. If you are part of a company solution, trips tagged as work will be visible to both you and your employer.

Effortless reporting

Your page at provides you with a full overview of your work-related driving and you can download comprehensive reports from your trip log, for tax purposes or reimbursements, quickly and easily.

Your dashboard

The dashboard gives you a full overview of your driving, costs, and mileage. As an administrator in the company solution, you will gain complete control over the use of your vehicles.