Heating & security in the palm of your hand

DEFA Link is a subscription service via the DEFA app that gives you full control over the heating and security systems in your car and cabin. DEFA Link is a part WarmUp GPS Link, Finder Link and DEFA Home.

Services and benefits:

DEFA WarmUp GPS Link

WarmUp GPS Link gives you control over your WarmUp system and your security wherever you are. Program your system to have your car heated in time for your regular departure times and receive alerts if your vehicle is stolen or moved. You can also turn on your heating manually and locate your car with your phone.

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DEFA Finder Link

Finder Link alerts you if your car is stolen or moved. It also lets you locate your vehicle via GPS and forward the coordinates to the police. If you have the DEFA Security alarm system (DVS90), you will also receive alerts if someone breaks into your car. The Speed Alert function lets you set a speed limit on your phone and receive alerts if it’s exceeded.

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DEFA Cabin Control

DEFA Cabin Control lets you control the heating in your cabin straight from your phone, so your cabin is always warm when you arrive. With the right accessories, you can receive alerts in case of frost, power outages, fires and break-ins. With timely alerts, you can avoid frozen pipes and react quickly to protect your property.

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