Leading edge LED lighting

The Ledge family features latest in edge-lit LED technology and combines first-rate light quality and efficiency with simple installations and minimalistic design.

The family:

LedgeCirce® D300

LedgeCircle D300 is available with a wide range of flexible control solutions, has a low build height and is very easy to install.

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LedgeCircle® D460

LedgeCircle® D460 is available with a wide variety of control solutions and is ideal for greater ceiling heights and bigger room.

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LedgeCircle® RF - intelligent lighting

The latest member of the Ledge® provides light when you need it, and conserves energy when you don’t. Read more about the next step in interior lighting.

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Ledge® Surface

Surface has a very low build height and a separate mounting plate that makes it extra easy to install.

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Ledge® Recessed

Recessed Micro is a high-end LED luminaire with a very low build height that can be installed where other fittings can’t.

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Ledge® Suspended

This elegant fitting features the latest in edge-lit technology, cordless ower-wire power supply and high-end efficiency and light quality.

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What you get:

Premium light quality

Quality components and state-of-the-art production and testing ensure that Ledge products provide crisp, even light with excellent color rendering and very low glare.

Excellent efficiency

Strict standards for components, materials and production also ensure first-rate efficiency, reliability and durability throughout the expected lifetime of the product.

A simple installation

Ledge products are very easy to install in a short amount of time. They feature innovative solutions, plug-in connectors and are ready to mount out of the box.

Hans Philip Zachau

Hans Philip Zachau CEO Lighthaus & Lead designer on Ledge® and Elite

“Minimalism is not a goal – it’s an opportunity. The overarching goal is to create products that have inherent visual identities, and that perfectly reflect their intended use.”

Installation videos

Ledge Suspended

Ledge Recessed

Ledge Surface

LED lighting in schools

Upgrading the lighting in schools with modern LED luminaires helps create a better learning environment for teachers and students of all ages. Make sure you choose the right products.

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