Industry lighting solutions

Performance and well-being in demanding environments

The industry lighting segment covers a wide range of applications and environments, each with its own challenges and requirements. We can provide the ideal solutions for your needs.

The value of getting light right

Female worker in factory

Health and well-being

A well-planned lighting solution promotes health and well-being. Human-centric lighting can help employees feel awake and focused. Human-centric solutions that automatically adjust light levels and color temperature throughout the day make the workspace more dynamic and provide a more comfortable environment. Increased employee satisfaction and reduced risk of accidents and exhaustion also reduce absence levels.

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Increased productivity

Optimized lighting solutions increase productivity and reduce error rates by helping employees remain alert throughout the day. This is especially true in environments where there is little access to natural light and in industries where employees work evening and night shifts. Human-centric solutions utilize the body’s responses to natural light can alleviate many of the potential challenges associated with shift work.

Economy and environment

Smart lighting solutions with automated control systems and quality products reduce costs and are good for the environment. Flexible control systems reduce power consumption by ensuring that no excess light is used, while efficient high-end fittings with a long lifespan mean that fewer fittings are needed. We are dedicated to developing products that are efficient and fully recyclable.



Even though much of the work in manufacturing has been automated, people still perform many crucial manual tasks along the way, both in assembly, control and logistics. Many of the tasks in modern manufacturing require an intense focus on details, often over long periods of time. facilities also have little or no access to natural light, and employees often work in shifts.

Well-planned lighting solutions for each task and environment is the best way to maintain the health and well-being of all employees, as well as to reduce the risk of errors and accidents.

Heavy industry

Lighting solutions in heavy industry facilities must be able to handle extreme temperatures, fumes and dust. Fittings must have a sufficient IP grade and protection against corrosion to eliminate the need for maintenance within the lifetime of the fitting. The installation must also provide enough light from high ceilings and take moving equipment and changing conditions into consideration.

Food production and distribution

The different levels of our food system have vastly different demands. Producers want the best possible conditions for animals and produce. Maintaining good health and natural circadian rhythms for animals is one important aspect. In packing, refinement and distribution, enough light with proper color rendering crucial for workers and customers alike. All along the line, automated control systems and solutions that are easy to keep clean are important parts of the ideal solution.

Chemical plants

Production and handling of chemicals place specific demands on fittings. These must have the highest level of protection against corrosion, and in many cases be explosion-proof. In facilities that handle hazardous materials, automated human-centric lighting may help employees focus throughout the day and reduce the risk of accidents.

Warehouse and distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers are often vast, with very high ceilings and tall shelves stacked with pallets and goods. Adequate horizontal and vertical lighting is crucial for safety and the efficiency of pickers looking for specific items. More light may be needed in packing and loading areas.

Cold storage

As in other storage facilities, the lighting used in cold storage applications must provide safe and comfortable working conditions. While cold storage facilities presented a challenge to older light sources, LED fittings actually increase their lifespan in low temperatures. The combination of durability and maintenance-free solutions is extra beneficial in an environment where temperatures must remain low at all times, making installation work more challenging.

Parking facilities

Parking facilities require smart control solutions and fittings that are well protected against dust and moisture. Intelligent control solutions with a combination of sensors and connected fittings ensure that there is ample light wherever and whenever it’s needed, while the light can be dimmed or turned off when no one is present. This reduces energy consumption while at the same time providing a safe environment for all users.