homeCLU - full dynamic load balancing

Get more power for charging at home

Would you like to have more power for charging? homeCLU optimizes the use of available power in your home, allowing you to charge more efficiently.

What you get:

Mode 3 charging cable

Charge up to four times faster

In theory, a homeCLU enables you to use almost all the available power in your home for charging. How efficiently you can charge in practice depends on the capacity of your charging station, your charging cable, your vehicle and how much power you use in your home.

Charge efficiently with limited power

The unit continuously monitors your power consumption and distributes the available capacity to your charging station or stations. This means that you can charge at full capacity when your other consumption is low, even if your home has an electrical installation with limited capacity.

Circuit board

Avoid expensive or impractical upgrades

In most cases, full dynamic load balancing eliminates the need to upgrade the electrical service in your home. It also makes it unnecessary to install a dedicated circuit that further limits the capacity in your home. A dedicated circuit is required for solutions without full load balancing.

Two charging stations mounted on a pole

Charge more than one car at a time

Since this solution makes it possible to use almost all your available power for charging, you can install more charging stations or a station with multiple outlets. You can also charge more than one vehicle at the same time. In many homes, this would not otherwise be possible.

EV car owner opening trunk. Charging station connected to car.

Use your power where it's needed

Power for household needs is always prioritized and plugging in your car won’t trigger your main circuit breaker, even when your regular consumption is at its highest. As you turn other appliances off, homeCLU ensures that the extra available power is used for charging.

What is full dynamic load balancing?

How homeCLU works

homeCLU illustration

Full dynamic load balancing means that the homeCLU unit monitors the total power consumption in your home or cabin and distributes all the unused capacity to the charging station or stations.

Full dynamic load balancing differs from ordinary dynamic load balancing, that only distributes the available capacity in a dedicated circuit. Dedicated circuits only have a fraction of the total capacity in the home, meaning that less power is available for charging.

By distributing the unused capacity to charging, homeCLU enables you to charge much more efficiently when your regular consumption is low, such as during the night. At the same time, you retain access to all of your power when you need it for something else. In other words, homeCLU eliminates the need to upgrade your power supply or having to dedicate a large portion of your available power exclusively for charging.

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