homeCLU - full dynamic load balancing

Get more power for charging

Full dynamic load balancing enables you to charge your EV at full capacity by optimizing how the available power in your home is used.

What you get:

A man opening the trunk of his car, an eRange® Uno home charging station with a connected cable in the background

The fastest possible charging with you existing load capacity

homeCLU is a solution for full dynamic load balancing that enables you to use any available load capacity in your home for charging. This means that you can charge more efficiently when your consumption is low, such as at night. There’s no need to upgrade your power supply or to establish a dedicated circuit for charging.

Freedom to use your power where you need it

homeCLU only exploits unused capacity. This means that you can still use the power in your home for whatever you need, whenever you need it. When your consumption goes down, homeCLU ensures that the available capacity delegated to the charging station. homeCLU will not trigger your main circuit breaker.

eRange Duo with two attached cables on house wall

The ability to charge more than one car at a time

Being able to use most of your capacity for charging also means that you can charge two or more cars at a time. Install more home chargers or a double station with two outlets to have your cars ready for each morning. Power will be distributed evenly to each station or according to the full capacity of each car.

What is full dynamic load balancing?

Full dynamic load balancing means that the homeCLU unit monitors the total power consumption in your home and can distribute any unused capacity to the charging station. This differs from ordinary dynamic load balancing that can only utilize a limited portion of the total capacity in your home.

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