EV charging facilities for housing cooperatives

Reliable & user-friendly solutions

All housing cooperatives have their own requirements. As the leading provider of charging solutions in the Nordics, we have the experience, expertise and products needed to create the ideal solution for your needs.

Key considerations:


Determine how many charging points you need, where they should be placed and if there are any residents that require prioritized charging. Remember to consider possible future needs, if and how you want to control who can use the stations, administration needs and payment options.

Technical circumstances

Find you how much power you have available. In most housing cooperatives, the electrical installation is only dimensioned for regular household needs like heating, lighting and cooking . A smart solution for load balancing ensures that all EV owners have enough power to charge.

Equal access

Prioritize fairness. An even and equal distribution of the available power should be an important principle. Choose a solution with dynamic load balancing that optimizes how the available power is used, and that ensures that all connected cars get the same amount of power.


Reliability is perhaps the most important quality a charging facility can possess. Many people are completely reliant on their car and a malfunctioning charging station is a major inconvenience. Errors also cause extra work for those responsible for the facility.


A good charging facility should be easy to use for all residents, no matter what car or level of technical expertise they have. The right charging stations, proper information and simple access control and payment solutions reduces user errors and requests for assistance to a minimum.


If you choose to include an administration system, make sure that it can be customized for your  facility. A good administration system should be easy to use and give you control over who has access to use the facility, power consumption, station status and pricing, as well as access to payment options.

Our solutions

Stations & cables

Charging station icon

We offer charging stations and charging cables from Europe’s foremost producers. All our products satisfy the latest quality and security standards, have a proven track record and are well suited for the Nordic climate.

Smart power distribution

Load balancing icon - scales

We offer smart solutions for dynamic load balancing and flexible solutions that can be expanded and upgraded if needs change. Our CLU system has been developed by our own experts and is produced in our own factory.

Simple administration

Adminstration system icon - screen with graphs

Our market leading backend administration system CloudCharge can be customized for your particular needs. CloudCharge also allows you to connect to to our online payment portal EVcloud, completely free of charge.

Charging stations

Single station

Charging station with one outlet

Our charging stations with one outlet or fixed cable are the best selling models in the market and recently won a test of available charging stations performed by the German car owners association ADAC, the largest of its kind in Europe. Our single stations are safe, easy to use and compact. Models with a Type 2 outlet can be used by anyone who has their own Mode 3 cable. All stations can be integrated in new and existing facilities.

Double station

Charging station with two outlets

Our double charging stations share all the same technology, safety features and user-friendliness of our single stations, but have two outlets and a different exterior. With two outlets per station, you can reduce the number of stations you install, reducing both the initial price and maintenance costs. The stations can be used with all cars, provided that the owners have their own Mode 3 cables. All stations can be integrated in new and existing facilities.

CLU - smarter facilities

Optimize how your available power is used

Our CLU units help ensure that all EV owning residents can charge fairly and efficiently, even when there is limited power capacity left over for charging. CLU units come in two versions; CLU Basic, which is connected to CloudCharge via cable, and CLU Online, which is connected wirelessly. Both versions can control up to 16 stations/charging points.

Fair, efficient & immediate charging

CLU units distribute the available power evenly to all connected cars. These are charged at full capacity as long as there is sufficient power. As more cars are connected, the available power is distributed evenly to all of them. Prioritizing residents with particular needs is also possible. In our facilities, all cars start charging as soon as they connect, this prevents them from going into sleep mode.

Simple administration & payment

Our administration system CloudCharge gives you full control over your facility, including users, user data and fees. There’s no startup fee and the system can easily be customized to your needs. CloudCharge also allows you to connect to the payment portal EVcloud, which lets users pay via web or mobile app.

CloudCharge - admin made easy

Get full control over each station

CloudCharge is a subscription based backend administration system that gives you full control over consumption, access, fees, error status and diagnostic data.

Get detailed usage information

The system lets you keep keep an eye on how the facility is being used, both in real time and through complete, detailed and flexible reports on consumption and usage durations.

Control who can use the facility

CloudCharge allows you to easily control who has access to use the facility. Access can be controlled with RFID chips, via SMS or through the EVcloud app.

Be alerted of errors

Charging stations connected to CloudCharge continually check in to confirm their status. Both you and your chosen service partner will be alerted immediately by SMS if the signal is interrupted.

Set fees for charging

If you want residents to pay for their own use of the facility, you can easily set prices based on charging duration, time of day or kWh. This is seen as fair by residents and helps reduce the administrative workload.

Make it easy to pay

With CloudCharge you have the option to connect to the payment portal EVcloud, free of charge. EVcloud allows you to keep a higher share of the revenue than with any other provider.

EVcloud - pay through web or app

Benefits for residents

  • Simple payment through web or mobile app
  • The ability to start charging through the app
  • The option for adding more RFID chips or cards to the same account
  • Access to other facilities connected to the service
  • Updated status information for all available stations

Benefits for facility owners

  • Free account
  • The option for opening the facility to paying customers (non-residents)
  • Retain 91% av of the revenue – the highest share offered by any provider
  • No administration related to collection of fees
  • Revenue straight to your account

Facilities with CLU load balancing - Fossum Terrasse:

Fossum Terrasse is one of Norway’s largest housing cooperatives, with more than 400 housing units. As in most other housing cooperatives, the electrical installation has not been dimensioned for EV charging. However, with smart dynamic load balancing, all residents all of the 100 residents that currently own EVs are still able to charge efficiently. Our CLU units distribute the available power evenly to all connected cars.

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