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About CloudCharge

CloudCharger Portal benefits

CloudCharge is a software solution for management and payment of EV charging.

With years of experience from both IT services and the automotive industry, we ensure that our products use state-of-the-art technology and offer satisfactory quality.

Our customers range from cities and municipalities to housing cooperatives, shopping malls, and parking garages.

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Looking for a management and payment solution for your charging facilities?

The CloudCharge Portal provides hassle-free and complete administration of your charging infrastructure. See current status, detailed charging statistics, and manage access.

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Do you own an electric vehicle? Try the CloudCharge app

EVCloud is now being replaced by our app and charging service CloudCharge, and will give you access to more than 15 000 charging points in the Nordics, a number that is steadily growing.

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The CloudCharge Portal - Administration simplified

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Get full control over consumption and status

The CloudCharge system can be customized for your needs and provides a full overview of consumption and station status. Create flexible reports and get status alerts that you can forward to a third party.

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Avoid any work with collection and billing

Using the CloudCharge administration system also gives you the option of making your facility available for the public in the CloudCharge Community charging network, completely free of charge. Via the network and the CloudCharge app, all users can easily access and pay for charging. You are free to set your own prices per minute or kWh.

Screenshot of User Management in the CloudCharge Admin Portal

Control who has access to the facility

You can easily control who has access to each station. This can be done with RFID tags or and the CloudCharge app.