Charging at work

Market leading charging solutions for businesses

As electric vehicles are becoming more common, forward looking businesses must be able to offer employees and visitors simple, safe and efficient charging solutions. As the leading provider of charging solutions in the Nordics, we know how to help you find the best solution for your business.

What you should consider:

User friendliness

At a workplace parking facility, it’s important to choose solutions compatible with all vehicles. Charging stations with sockets enables all users to charge with their own mode 3 cable.

Fair charging

At work, everyone should be able to charge from the moment they plug in, without being placed in a queue. Choose solutions that ensure fair distribution of the available power.

Overview & control

Maintaining control over power consumption, charging times and availability is important. Choosing an online administration system that can be customized to your needs.

Access & billing

Who should be able to use your charging stations, and when? Do you want to charge for third parties charging outside office hours? Make sure you can control access and prices.

Future needs

Rapid adoption of electric vehicles may induce your business to install more charging points. Choose a solution that can be scaled, expanded and upgraded with your needs.

Customized solutions

Does your business have vehicles that must be charged quickly? Make sure some charging points can be prioritized, so that your most important vehicles can charge at full effect.

CLU - Our solution for smarter charging facilities

Fair & efficient charging

Load balancing icon - scales

CLU helps you ensure that everyone can charge efficiently, safely and with the same amount of power from the moment they plug in. Each CLU unit can connect up to 16 charging stations and distribute the available power evenly between all charging points that are in use at any given time. (Dynamic load balancing). Upgrades and additional stations can be added as needed.

Simple administration

Adminstration system icon - screen with graphs

CLU Online gives you the additional benefit of connecting to our backend administration system, Cloudcharge. Cloudcharge can be scaled and customized to fit your needs and gives you complete control over usage, access, invoicing and error status. Cloudcharge also makes it possible to connect to the end user payment portal Lade i Norge.

Cloudcharge - complete & customized administration

Manage your facility

The Cloudcharge backend system is a subscription service that gives you the complete overview and control over usage, access, availability, prices and error status.

Monitor usage

Cloudcharge lets you monitor your stations in real time and generate flexible reports on power consumption and charging times by station, hour, day, week or year.

Administer access

As an administrator, you can easily administer who has access to using the charging stations. Access can be controlled with RFID, SMS or with the Lade i Norge app.

Immediate error alerts

All stations continually send a “heartbeat” to the server in order to help you monitor the connection status. You are alerted by SMS at once if the heartbeat signal is interrupted.

Set your prices

If you want want to make your charging stations available to anyone against payment, you can easily define prices for different types of users or different times of day.

Your billing solution

Cloudcharge gives you everything you need to invoice registered users. You can also connect to the end user paymet portal Lade i Norge and allow users to pay by app.

Charging at bama- see the entire film:

bama is Norway’s leading supplier of fruits and vegetables. As an increasing number of their employees buying electric vehicles, bama wanted to provide them with the opportunity to charge their vehicles at work, and asked us to find the best solution. So far we have installed 64 charging points. These are placed on 16 poles, each with two stations and 4 charging points. The facility has 6 CLU units that ensure an even and fair distribution of the available power to all cars charging at any given time.

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