eRange Adjustment kit

eRange accessories Adjustment kit is a supplement for Defa eRange family for mode 3 chargers.

With this kit you will be able to adjust and configure the parameters and functions of all eRange mode 3 chargers. This includes adjustment of charging current, control mode, addressing, RFID white list and more.

See illustration below on how the kit is connected between the PC and the charging station:
eRange adjustment kit

To be able to configure these devices you will additionally need to connect the adjustment kit to either an android device i.e. a smartphone or a windows PC. The configuration is made with “DEFA CPC” software which can be downloaded to any android device here:

In this kit adapters microUSB 2.0 (M) to USB 2.0 A (F) and USB C 2.0 (F) to USB 2.0 A (F) are included for easy use with android devices. Additionally, spare keys for maintenance of products eRange UNO, eRange DUO, and eRange IQ is included.

USB cables
USB cables

USB cables
eRange Keys

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