Connection guide

Get started with IQ and CloudCharge

Congratulations on your new eRange IQ! Watch the videos below to set up and get started with your new home charger and the CloudCharge app.

Follow these steps:

CloudCharge app icon

1. The CloudCharge app provides a range of practical features and access to one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of destination chargers in the Nordics.

Read about more benefits with CloudCharge here 

To be able to connect your eRange IQ to CloudCharge, you must first download the CloudCharge app to your phone. The app is available for iOS and Android here:

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2. Your eRange IQ should have been connected to your home network by your installer. If this has not been done, or if you have switched the password on your home network, you can watch the video below to learn how to connect:

You can also read and download our PDF guide here.

3. When your eRange IQ is connected to your home network, you are ready to connect it to the CloudCharge app. Watch the video below to learn how this is done.


BROCHURE – Get started with eRange IQ