MultiCharger 1203X

Keep your battery charged

Modern vehicles rely on a multitude of features that draw power from the battery. Without regular charging, your battery's health and state of charge could become compromised. A MultiCharger keeps your battery charged and helps ensure that your vehicle will start.

The power to start your engine

Cold weather, comfort functions and a normal driving pattern with many short trips will deplete your battery faster than the alternator can recharge it. When the battery becomes discharged, it might not be able to start your vehicle. Regular use of a MultiCharger maintains the ideal state of charge in most temperatures. This makes the vehicle easier to start, even on cold days.

Improved battery lifetime

A continuously low state of charge or repeated discharges will damage your battery. If this happens, replacing it is often the only alternative. Replacing batteries prematurely is expensive and has a negative impact on the environment. A MultiCharger maintains the health and performance of your battery and extends it’s expected lifetime. MultiCharger 1203X is included in all WarmUp assemblies.

Control your system on your mobile phone

The DEFA app gives you full control over your WarmUp system, and lets you monitor your battery status. The app will visually notify you if the cable is not connected when you try to turn on the system, and alert you if the cable is still connected when you start the vehicle.


  • Modern switch-mode technology preserves your battery performance.
  • Temperature-compensated charging charges your battery in all weather conditions.
  • Automatic switch to full-power mode (quick charge) if load causes battery voltage to fall below 13v during charging.
  • Short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection.
  • 120V recognition prevents the relay from discharging the battery when the charger is not in use.
  • Will not damage the vehicle’s electronic systems.
  • Prevents battery degradation (sulphating) and extends the lifetime of the battery.
  • Prevents release of harmful gases.

MultiCharger 1203X can be used to charge all 12V lead/acid batteries, including AGM and GEL.