We make your car happy

With DEFA products you can start your day with a car as warm as your living room.
You won't need to scrape ice off the windows, and you'll have a fully charged battery.

  • DVS90

    The world's most intelligent car alarm.
    Do not try to crush, break, jack or tow. The smart sensors notice right away and the alarm is triggered.

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  • SmartCharge

    SmartCharge is the most user friendly battery charger in the world. When we developed the DEFA SmartCharge, we wanted to make it safe and easy to recharge the battery. It recognizes the type of battery you connect it to, and it adjusts the charging process to suit the battery’s charge status, size and ambient temperature conditions, with only one button – OFF or ON.

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  • WarmUp

    WarmUp is a package for those who do not buy the products separately.

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